Patricia, dentist

“I would like to recommend Véronique Lebreton for French learning and tutoring. Véronique is very nice, patient, and understanding. Learning a new language is a difficult task for many and sometimes even frustrating. There were mornings that I did not want to do any work. However, she helped me to continue learning and didn’t make me feel bad about it. She was very encouraging and always worked around my busy schedule. Véronique is really knowledgeable and has a good learning program. I truly thought that I would never pass the OQLF exam but Véronique made it possible. Now having passed, I miss talking to her every week! These are the reasons I believe that Véronique can help you to learn or improve your French as she did with me.”

Mary-Ellen, director general

“I wish to express my sincere thanks to Véronique for her professional support during my French language studies. During my studies I was extremely impressed with her level of dedication, her attention to detail and, in particular, with her creativity. Our time spent together was very productive and ultimately prepared me to achieve my learning goals. Learning styles are very individual, and I wish to congratulate her on her ability to adapt and support me. Mastering a new language is a daunting challenge and, with her support and guidance, I succeeded.”

Leah, lawyer

“Véronique tailors her lessons to you. She is very thorough when correcting written work. She carefully explains grammar rules and ways to make the text more idiomatic. To practice oral expression, we have interesting conversations and she corrects me as I go-it’s fun! She also sends helpful notes at the end of every lesson. Véronique is reliable and the online set-up is very convenient. Highly recommended.”

Eva, psychotherapist

“Véronique is a caring, attentive, competent, and passionate French teacher. She is helpful and cares deeply about the development and progress of her students. She provides appropriate suggestions when necessary that allows students to improve their level of linguistic competency. I highly recommend her without hesitation!” 

Michelle, dentist

“Over the course of 7 months, I worked one on one online with Véronique to learn French and she is an excellent tutor.  As a dental professional working toward completing the OQLF examination, it was important to have a tutor who could not only teach me regular French, but the technical dental terminology required for the exam.  She has created very useful and relevant dental resources to cover all the commonly used phrases and terms in the field.  I was a true beginner starting with my ABC’s in French and through Véronique’s help I have excelled in my ability to speak French over such a short time. She truly cares about her students and dedicates her own time to create customized lesson plans relevant to their needs. As I progressed in my skills, she would adapt our classes to focus on areas requiring additional practice through creative means, which kept me interested and engaged. I would highly recommend Véronique for anyone who wants to learn French for personal or professional needs.”

Carlin, Pediatric dentist

“I had tried several private and group lessons. I was looking for someone to teach me French in an organized, well-planned manner, while having the personality of being patient and non-judgmental. Veronique is a very kind, and thorough teacher. When we started, she created a plan to how I should learn the material, and as we continued to work together, she took notes of my progression, the exercises I had done, and the area in which I struggled more often. Now, I feel more at ease while speaking French at work and I succeeded at the OQLF Exam. She has many tips and tricks on how to improve within the language, and I would suggest her to anyone!”

Peter, Clinical Psychologist

“I grew up in Montreal in an English speaking family and was educated in English. At the age of 24, I moved to the United States where I lived for 27 years. Upon returning to Montreal recently, I needed to improve my French not only to function in society but also for my profession, which required passing the province of Quebec’s French language exam (OQLF French exam).

I have worked online with professor Véronique Lebreton for over a year and have noticed that by combining all of her excellent lessons and applying them to understanding radio, TV, newspaper articles as well as immersing myself in the francophone culture of Quebec, even being in my early 50’s, my French skills began to improve quite quickly.

Véronique was wonderful in helping me to prepare for the French exam but that was not her only goal with me; she also endeavored to help me speak, read and write as a member of French-speaking society here in Quebec.

Fortunately, during my second try, I passed the provincial exam with very high marks and I was able to continue to improve my French skills in my professional context as a clinical psychologist.

I want to thank Véronique for orienting my courses toward helping me in my profession in terms of orienting our classes to the types of skills that are required of me as a psychologist, such as understanding and speaking to patients in a meaningful way as well as discussing cases with other professionals and writing reports.

In closing, I highly recommend professor Lebreton to anyone who really wants to improve their French!!”

Samantha, student

“I studied with Véronique for around a year in preparation for a French exam I was taking while also taking other courses and working. Véronique ensured I would learn French without being overwhelmed by the material or timing, and worked with me to specifically study for what I needed. If I had been taught by Véronique in grade school, my French would 100% be perfect now (but unfortunately, I was not). It was truly a pleasure working with her, and I highly recommend her services if you would like to learn French in any capacity.”

Sahar, dentist

“Véronique helped me master my French writing and gain the skills and confidence needed to pass the OQLF exam. Despite my last minute request for help, she quickly put together a plan, focused on areas where I needed the most help, and customized the sessions to my needs as she got more familiar with my level of French. She really maximized our limited time before the exam and focused on concepts that were pertinent to the OQLF exam. Within a few sessions I could really see the improvement in my writing and felt well-prepared for exam day! Thank you Véronique!”

Didem, dentist radiologist

“Veronique has been a great resource to help me learning French. She is highly focused and dedicated to her work. Her customized way of teaching French made me feel more comfortable and excel my French language proficiency rapidly. She is very understanding and tries her best to accommodate her students’ needs. Her constructive criticism has motivated me many times when I felt Iost. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Mehrnoosh, dentist

“I contacted Véronique in a panic just a few weeks before my OQLF exam (for dentists). She was very responsive and helpful and we started our course soon after. She tailored the course to my personal needs and unusual circumstances and I was able to pass the exam thanks to her. Véronique is highly professional, organized, knowledgeable, and more than that, she is a very kind and understanding person. She is THE go-to teacher for your OQLF needs!!”

More testimonials to come.