Customized online French courses and online French tutoring include, among others:

OQLF French exam preparation courses for all professional orders (e.g.: learning of the terminology related to the field of work, work cases, etc.).
All information about the OQLF exam can be found at the following address:

Preparation courses for various tests of French knowledge evaluation (TEF, TCF, TEFAQ, etc.).
All information about the exams recognized by the ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration du Québec, among others, can be found at the following address:

Courses for all levels (from complete beginner to very advanced level).

Customized courses based on needs (professional or personal) and taking into consideration the knowledge already acquired.

Conversation courses targeting the needs (professional or personal), provided in private (one-on-one), in semi-private (two persons) or in small groups (from three to six persons).

Grammatical revision courses that address specific needs (consolidation of knowledge, specific challenges, improvement of written French, etc.).

Courses providing guided correction for working professionals who wish to improve their written French through feedback on their own written documents (reports, e-mails, etc.).

Tutoring or self-learning support sessions for learners of French as a foreign language who need assistance in their learning process (e.g.: feedback on grammar exercises, explanations of grammar concepts, pronunciation exercises, reading exercises, etc.)